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High Speed Fixed Wireless Internet

You rely on fast, dependable Internet service to complete your daily tasks, stay connected with your friends and family, and enjoy the entertainment you want. We don’t believe that where you live should stop you from enjoying a great Internet experience. That’s why we launched Wireless Internet Services in Grand County in 2001, and we’ve been providing this service to Grand County residents like you ever since.

Grand County Internet Services allows Internet access to rural homes and locations that would otherwise be limited to Satellite, providing the speed, performance and reliability that you demand.

  1. Stable, always-on Internet with consistently fast speeds

  2. Better download and upload speeds than cellular or satellite connectivity

  3. More cost effective than cellular or satellite connectivity

  4. Local Support based right here in Grand County

  5. We provide the installation, with quality testing, to your home

  6. Provides Quality of Service that is perfect for sending and receiving emails, browsing and shopping online, staying connected with social media, sharing photos, casual gaming, streaming TV and videos and video chat with family and friends.

  7. Prices start at $45.00 per month

Data travels thru Hard Wired Fiber Networks (Backbone) to the ISP’s location called Point of Presence (POP). From there it is wirelessly transmitted to Backhaul Tower(s).  Data is then carried from tower to tower with Point to Point (PtP) radios.  It is finally transmitted from a Access Point (AP) radio or Point to Multi Point (PtMP) radio to the Receiver Antenna (CPE) that feeds data to and from the home or business.

How Fixed Wireless Works

The outdoor Antenna/radio is mounted on the building where it has a clean line of sight to the Tower. Due to danger of replacing the radio in winter snow and ice conditions in Grand County, the installer and customer will choose where to mount.  From the radio a special Ethernet cable is run into the building, where it is plugged into the radio power supply. Power and data run thru this cable to the radio. A second connection on the power supply brings the data into the internal network of the building.

Networks are a huge part of any modern home or Business. They let you connect several computers to the Internet, enable you to view stream video content and play music from your computer in multiple rooms and enjoy gaming.

Some of the devices making up the internal network:

  1. 1Modem: The modem is furnished to you by Grand County Internet Service and connects directly to the Internet thru the outside radio/Antenna.

  2. 2Router: We also furnish a router that connects all your computers and other Internet enabled devices to the Internet. It is both wireless and wired.  It will send and receive signals from computers and other gear wirelessly, and can make a wired connection to your modem, giving you the option of making a wired connection to computers and gaming systems. A wired connection allows for a smoother flow of data and video, as the wired portion does not suffer from periodic stoppages of service, as do wireless products. Wired connections can enable home network speeds that are much higher than those of purely wireless networks. But the speed of the internet is limited to the wireless plan on the outside radio.

  3. 3Most laptops and newer desktop computers have built-in Wi-Fi® to connect to a wireless router. You’ll find some components with built-in Wi-Fi, others that have wired Ethernet ports (to make a wired connection to your router), and others still that will accept a separate Wi-Fi adapter.                            

  4. 4Cell phones, Pads and other mobile devices connect to the router thru wireless.  The distance from the router to these devices can greatly affect the performance of the internal internet.  Walls, ceilings, large furniture and other things can cut the strength of the signal also. 

  5. 5If the frequency of the wireless router overlaps the frequency of the outside radio, it can completely stop all internet traffic. Adding other wireless routers must be carefully matched to prevent this interference.

  6. 6Multiple devices at one location in building: If you have multiple devices located in one room such as a satellite TV set-top box, game player, Internet TV box, Slingbox®, Blu-ray player, and other devices that you want networked, you may need to locate router or switch at this location.

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CALL:  970-627-0034   or email: 

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