Step 5: Set up the Connection Icon

Open up My Computer from the desktop and double-click the Dial-Up Networking icon. Double-click the Make New Connection icon. This will walk you through the Make New Connection wizard. The first dialog box looks like this:

Type in "GCIS", or whatever you want to call the icon you're about to create to connect you to Grand County Internet Services (the title won't affect the type of connection).Your modem (which should have been configured when you installed Windows 95) should be shown in the Select a modem: area.Press the Configure button and you'll get a dialog box that looks like this:

In the General section, Crank up your modem speed to as fast as you think it will go. If you have a 14.4K modem, usually 19200 is chosen. If you have a 28.8K or higher modem, make the maximum speed 57600. DO NOT, however, select Only connect at this speed. This will let your modem adjust as the connection needs.

You usually will not have to worry about the Connection section

Next, select the Options section. Leave the Bring up terminal window after dialing unchecked. Unhealthy Display modem status should be checked in this window.The window should be as shown in this picture.:

Now hit the OK button.

Click the Next > button in the Make New Connection wizard. Enter in the phone number of your access provider. You don't need to put in an area code if it's a local call.

Press the Finish button and your icon will be created. Your Dial-Up Networking folder should now look something like this:


Step 6: Setting the Dial-Up Properties

Open up My Computer (You may have named it something else) from the desktop and double-click the Dial-Up Networking icon. Double-click the icon you setup for our service. Press the right mouse button and choose Properties. Or click once on it and select Properties from the File menu You should get a dialog box named whatever name you gave your icon. It probably looks like this:

Press the Server Types.button. You'll get the Server Types dialog box. If the Type of Dial-Up Server section does not have PPP, Windows 95, press the down arrow to drop down the list box and choose it. Make sure that only the Enable software compression and TCP/IP are checked and no others are checked! It should look like this:

Windows 95

Windows 98


Then hit the OK button


You're almost ready to dial!