Step 4: Configure your TCP/IP Protocol for Dynamic IP Addressing

Click on the TCP/IP protocol (highlighted in the picture) and press the Properties... button. You should get the TCP/IP Properties box.

There are six or seven tab sections in thedialog box. We'll deal with them in order.

In the IP Address Properties,Select the Obtain an IP address automatically option. This is sometimes set and tries to give your computer an address on the network that conflicts with other computers' addresses.

In the WINS Configuration Properties,select the Disable WINS Resolution option.

In the Gateway Properties, leave this alone, it should be blank.<

In the Bindings Properties, by default,the Client for Microsoft Networks option is checked. Leave it alone.


In the Advanced Properties, no changes needed are from the default.

In the NetBIOS Properties, no changes needed are from the default. NetBIOS does not always appear in earlier versions of windows 95/98.


This is probably what give you the most trouble if not done properly. Select the Disable DNS option. This stands for Domain Name Service. The proper settings will be set in the dial up properties we will be setting below

When you're all done setting these options,press the OK button. Then press the OK button in the Network dialog box. Windows 95 will ask you to reboot. Press Yes and run to the fridge for a quick snack. You're almost done!