Windows 95 & 98 dialup problems


Open up My Computer (You may have named it something else) from the desktop and double-click the Dial-Up Networking icon. Double-click the icon you setup for our service. Press the right mouse button and choose Properties. Or click once on it and select Properties from the File menu You should get a dialog box named whatever name you gave your icon. It probably looks like this:

Press the Configure button. If the maximum modem speed is set to 115200, set it down to 57600. (We have found that the higher setting with some modems puts them into a setting that can cause connection problems). It will look like this.

Then click OK once. Press the
Server Type.button. You'll get the Server Types dialog box. If the Type of Dial-Up Server section does not have PPP, windows95...., press the down arrow to drop down the list box and choose it. Make sure that only the Enable software compression and TCP/IP are checked and no others are checked! It should look like this:

Windows 95

Windows 98

Then press the TCP/IP settings button.

The top box should be checked. The 4th box down on the left (Specify name server addresses) then enter the DNS IP addresses into the Primary ( )and Secondary ( )boxes. The bottom 2 boxes should be checked ( Use IP header compression and Use default gateway on remote network ) When done, should look like this:

Then hit the OK button

Hit the OK button in the remaining dialog box

Now check out and see if you can dial in okay. If not give me a call