High Speed Wireless Internet Access Pricing


$45 per month

2.5Mbs Total

1.5Mbs down / 1Mbs up

Checking Email

Casual Internet User

Basic Web Surfing

(not rated for Video)

Basic Plus

$60 per month

5Mbs Total

4Mbs down / 1Mbs up (Standard) *

Advanced Web Surfing

1-2 Active users

Online Classes

1 Standard Definition Video

Family Streaming

$85 per month

8Mbs Total

6Mbs down / 2Mbs up (Standard) *

Excellent for multiple users, more frequent browsing, emailing, social networking, watching video clips and more!

Small Home / Office

$110 per month

11Mbs Total

10Mbs down / 1Mbs up (Standard) *

Perfect for a large family or users who engage in heavy Internet use, gaming, watch movies or download music, and more!

Advanced / Business

$200 per month

28Mbs Total

25Mbs down / 3Mbs up (Standard) *

Excellent for multiple users, more frequent browsing, emailing, social networking, watching video clips and more! Does not support 4K streaming.

Roll your own

Get a Quote

Specialized needs for businesses, schools with large number of computers and users!

Standard Install $200**

All accounts have Managed WiFI capability

* For plans beyond basic, up and down speeds may be adjusted within the plan. For Instance, the 8Mbs plan could be setup as 4Mbs down / 4Mbs up  to give a higher upload speed. All speeds are up to speeds. We try to insure that you will receive these speeds.

**A Standard Install charge of $200 covers cost of labor only, we install Wireless Radio and Router.  They remain the property of Grand County Internet Service. We do not require a contract for a minimum time period. However, if service is cancelled within 6 months, we may charge $60 to uninstall our equipment.  All installations are done by an outside certified contractor.

Managed WiFi

Having great Internet service can only get you so far.  You also need to have a rock-solid internal network to ensure the Internet connection is getting to all of your devices.  

Best Internet Service + Best Router = Happy Customers!

Managed WiFi is designed with YOU in mind.  Our router with Special software installed is built with advanced WiFi control technology. You have  control of whats happening in your home or small business.  You can monitor what is happening on your network, get new devices connected, determine usage on a device basis (parental or guest controls), diagnose slow speeds on specific devices, and more! And if the router goes bad, we replace it. 

Installation and extra Costs

(All Installations are done by outside contractor)

** Standard Installation (this is $200 of the equipment pricing above)

The outside installation includes the mounting of an outside antenna to an inside point to where there is power, with special Ethernet cable.  The radio power supply will be connected to our router. This applies only to single story units. The inside install includes one Ethernet cable up to 10' setting up one machine or setting up Internal wireless  Total install time is 3 hours.

Installation extras; (general exception)

In some cases there may be additional installation costs (see below). In addition, some customers may require extra hardware such as lightning arrestor, Switches, gateway routers, or ethernet cards. Does not include Antenna Masts, custom Brackets or additional labor (see Installation below). Any extra hardware will be quoted and billed separately.

$60.00 per hour

Over 3 hours plus any extra custom materials, to run RJ-45 networking cable thru walls, floors, attic, and etc. plus the footage charge for extra cable. Applies to any extra software or computer work that may be necessary. Outside this includes any additional custom bracket, Antenna mast, cable runs, roof mounting, hole digging and cable running in addition to a standard installation (plus extra equipment costs).

Extreme Outside Installation

$80 per hour for time spent above 1 story.

This installation is reserved for any installations that are 2 stories or more and/or would require the use of special equipment, materials. Any of the above requirements would warrant this type of installation. It would include the standard outside/inside installation of up to 3 hours.


Any install requiring use of extra materials, labor, and or special equipment above the standard installations will have a quote submitted in writing and be signed by the Customer and approved by GCIS before any installation. All installations will be scheduled by location in county on a regular basis. Any emergency installations outside our regular schedule may have additional charges for time and mileage.


Pricing is based on choosing an automatic payment plan. Additional $5/mo is required for other billing method 

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