Windows 2000 Professional using (Internet Connection Wizard)

The following information is designed to assist you in setting up Windows 2000 to connect to the Internet.  While going through these screen shots, as you will see, we have provided the correct choices for you to make with the exception of certain questions that will require specific information from you.  In some instances, you will need to put in the phone number you will use to connect to GCIS, as well as your name, e-mail address, password and so on.

 From your desktop, double-click the Connect to the Internet icon.  If you have a Setup MSN Internet Access icon on your desktop, you will go directly to the MSN Internet Connection Wizard.  If that is the case, then you will need to close that wizard, return to your desktop and delete the Setup MSN Internet Access icon.  Once that is accomplished, double-click the Connect to the Internet icon and you will open the Windows 2000 Internet Connection Wizard.

Select I want to set up my Internet connection manually, and click Next > to continue.

Select I connect through a phone line and a modem and click Next >.

 Click in the Area code: box and enter the area code for your local dial-up phone number.  Click in the Telephone number: box and enter the remaining 7 digits of your local dial-up phone number.  If you are dialing across area codes, skip the rest of this step.  Make sure the Use area code and dialing rules box is un-checked.  Click Next > to continue.

Type in your GCIS User name: and your Password: and click Next >.

Type the word GCIS in the Connection name: box and click Next >.

Select Yes to set up an Internet mail account and click Next >.

Type your name in the Display name: box and then click Next >.

Type in your GCIS e-mail address in the E-mail address: box and then click Next >.

Make sure My incoming mail server reads POP3.  Type in the Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server: box.  Type in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: box.  Click Next > to continue.

Type your GCIS user name in the Account name: box.  Type your GCIS password in the Password: box.  Make sure that the Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) option is NOT selected and then click Next > to continue.

To save your configuration and connect to the Internet, click Finish.  If you do not want to connect to the Internet, remove the check from the option To connect to the Internet immediately, and click Finish.

Now you need to turn off the Windows 2000 DNS Client!

1. Go to the start menu and choose settings and control panel.
2. Click in the Administrative Tools icon.
3. Choose Services.
4. Cick on DNS Client.
5. Click on Stop and OK at the bottom.
6. Close any windows open.

 Congratulations!  You have successfully completed the Internet Connection Wizard and are now ready to enjoy your access to the Internet.

If everything seems to be setup okay, and you are still having problems then you probably need the help of an expert so call your windows 2000 expert. If you are using Netscape Communicator (recommended by us), Internet Explorer, or Outlook Express, you may have to go through an install wizard before the program begins. All of the information you will need has been provided on the Information sheet. Please call us during business hours if you are setting up and having problems. LEAVE A MESSAGE if we are not here or do not answer and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Sometimes, we answer the phone up until about 7:00PM and on Saturdays and Sundays. We may call back up until about 9:00PM.

The Grand County Internet Services business number is 627-0034. Unfortunately, we are not windows 2000 experts so you may need outside help if having connection problems.

Email me at after you are online.

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