Windows 95 / 98 Dialup Setup

Setting up the Connection Icon

Open up My Computer from the desktop and double-click the Dial-Up Networking icon. Double-click the Make New Connection icon. This will walk you through the Make New Connection wizard. Type in "GCIS", or whatever you want to call the icon you're about to create to connect you to your provider (the title won't affect the type of connection). Your modem (which should have been configured when you installed Windows 95/98) should be shown in the Select a modem: area. Press the Configure button.
In the General section, Crank up your modem speed to as fast as you think it will go. If you have a 14.4K modem, usually 19200 is chosen. If you have a 28.8K or higher modem, make the maximum speed 57600. DO NOT, however, select Only connect at this speed. This will let your modem adjust as the connection needs. Don't worry about the Connection section, the defaults should be fine. Next, select the Options section. Leave the Bring up terminal window after dialing unchecked. Only the Display modem status should be checked in this window. Now hit the OK button. Click the Next > button in the Make New Connection wizard. Enter in the dialup phone number you have been given. You don't need to put in an area code if it's a local call. Press the Finish button and your icon will be created.

Setting the Dial-Up Properties

Select your newly-created connection icon, press the right mouse button and choose Properties... You should get a dialog box named whatever name you gave your icon.
Press the Server Type... button. You'll get the Server Types dialog box.
If the Type of Dial-Up Server section does not have PPP, windows95...., press the down arrow to drop down the list box and choose it. Make sure that only the Enable software compression and TCP/IP are checked and no others are checked! Then hit the OK button.

While still in Dialup Networking, select your connection icon, press the right mouse button and choose Create Shortcut. In the Popup window click on the Yes button and this will put an Shortcut icon on your desktop for dialing.

Configure Dial-Up Networking to Automatically Redial a Busy Number

You should configure your dial-up sessions to automatically redial when they encounter a busy signal. From the Dial-Up Networking folder, select the Connections... menu item, then the Settings... option. From there, you can choose the number of times you would like your dial-up sessions to attempt connection.

Dialing in and Getting Connected

Double-click your Shortcut icon that you recently made. You'll get the Connect To dialog, which looks like this. Put your username and password in the appropriate text areas. You may check the remember password box and it will maybe remember your password.
Press the Connect button and your modem should start dialing. After a couple rings, Our machine should answer.
If all went well, after 20 to 30 seconds, you'll see a Connected to Dial-up PPP dialog box. Go ahead and fire up Netscape, Internet explorer or other Internet applications! If you're having problems, then you may have to call us or Tammy for on site help.

If you are using Netscape Communicator (recommended by us), Internet Explorer, or Outlook Express, you may have to go through an install wizard before the program begins. All of the information you will need has been provided on the Information sheet. Please call us during business hours if you are setting up and having problems. Leave a message if we are not here or do not answer and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Sometimes, we answer the phone up until about 7:00PM and on Saturdays and Sundays. We may call back up until about 9:00PM.

The Grand County Internet Services business number is 627-0034. Only call outside consultants if they have set you up or you want them to help set you up. They are independent consultants and do not work for Grand County Internet Services.

After getting your dialup connections to work, go to the following web page to get full instructions on setting up Browser and Email settings.

Email me at after you are online.

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