Windows XP Dialup Connection Instructions

Setting up the Connection Icon

From the START menu item in the lower left choose Control Panels, and then double-click the Internet Options Icon (XP home) or Networking and Internet Options Icon (XP Pro). Click on the Connections Tab, then click on the setup button. This will start a wizard. Choose connect to the internet, then choose to setup manually, and on the next window choose dial-up modem connection. When it asks for the name of the internet service, type in "GCIS". You then follow the wizard entering the rest of the login information. Enter in the phone number of your access provider. Do not put in an area code if it's a local call. You then put in your account login name and password. Make sure you do not have firewall turned on when you see that option. And before clicking finish, check to make a shortcut on the desktop.

When you click finish, you will be back in the control panels. Close all windows back to the desktop.


Now you need to turn off the Windows XP DNS Client!

1. Go to the start menu and choose settings and control paneljust control panel (wXP).
2. Click in the Administrative Tools icon (if you do not see it, click on show classic control panel.)
3. Choose Services.
4. Click on Startup Type and choose Disabled
5. Cick on DNS Client.
6. Click on Stop and OK at the bottom.
7. Close any windows open.

You're almost ready to dial!

Double click on the icon named shortcut to GCIS. Put your User name and password in the appropriate text areas if they are not already there. (Remeber your password should be checked.) If you have call waiting, need to dial other numbers to get an outside line, you may need to press the Dial properties button. To disable call waiting in Grand County enter *70, the other entries should be self explanatory. Click OK when done.

Press the Connect button and your modem should start dialing. After a couple of rings, Our modems should answer. If all went well, after 20 to 30 seconds, you may see a Connected to Dial-up PPP dialog box.
If any problems occur in the dialing process,it helps to know where. You may get a modem error before you even dial. If so, you need to check if you are plugged into the wall or the right jack on the modem. If it shows establ;ishing network protocols for a length of time, then it is likely that you do not have the right protocols installed. If it shows checking user name and passwordvery long, then it is likely your login name or password are wrong.Check them out, and insure your password is typed in lower case letters. If it shows connecting to network very long, then it is likely that you have Log onto network selected in the security properties.

If everything seems to be setup okay, and you are still having problems then you probably need the help of an expert so call me or your windows expert. If you are using Mozilla (recommended by us), Internet Explorer, or Outlook Express, you may have to go through an install wizard before the program begins. All of the information you will need has been provided on the Information sheet. Please call us during business hours if you are setting up and having problems. LEAVE A MESSAGE if we are not here or do not answer and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Sometimes, we answer the phone up until about 7:00PM and on Saturdays and Sundays. We may call back up until about 9:00PM.

The Grand County Internet Services business number is 627-0034. Only call outside consultants if they have set you up or you want them to help set you up. They are independent consultants and do not work for Grand County Internet Services.

After getting your dialup connections to work, go to the following web page to get full instructions on setting up Browser and Email settings.

Email me at after you are online.

To keep you informed of important service messages, set your default home page to:

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