Problems Getting Online
Most common problems


1. Any message when you are first starting to dial about no dial tone means you probably are not connected to the telephone line

Check connections to telephone jack at computer and at the wall.

2. Any Message about no response from Modem usually means for some reason your modem is not responding when it trys to dial.

If external modem turn it off and onand try again.

If Internal modem, shut down the machine, power it completely off and then restart

If these fail then contact support person for your machine (not GCIS)

3. It dials but says it cannot connect before you hear any modem noises.

Check number it is dialing, you can manually try the number also to see if a modem answers. If you hear it ring and ring and it is trying the correct modem then one of our modems may not be answering. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN OFTEN! Notify us!

If the number is busy then it may be one of those rare times when all 86 of our modems are busy. Try both numbers 887-1106 and 627-0338.

Something may not be working in your computer so try to restart it.

4. It dials, connects up but then comes back with the message that the password cannot be verified.

Verify that both the user login name and password are correct. Retype them in again if you think they are bad. This often happens when someone else has been using your computer. Check to see that your CAPS LOCK key is not down. The password must be in lower case letters. THE MOST COMMON ERROR HERE IS THAT THE CAPS LOCK KEY WAS DOWN!

Occasionally, something in the network protocols may not be working corectly and the name and passsword may not be getting to our computers correctly. If this is the case often restarting the computer will help.

If you are having this error and have tried the above then call us 9:00Am to 5:00Pm and we can look at the logs and see if this is a typing error or if possibly something else is causing the error. If it is outside businees hours, you can call then and leave a message along with the time so we can go back into the logs later. Be sure to leave your name and telephone number. Please do not call between 10:00Pm and 7:00Am. Note the time of the problem and call during more normal hours.

5. If it dials and verifys the password but still hangs up before connecting, this is usually a networking problem in your machine.

Try restarting your machine to see if it clears up the problem.

6. If you go into netscape and get an error that there is no DNS entry for the site or the web site cannot be found, it is likely that you are not online. Many times going into netscape will start an automatic dialing sequence and this may work well for months and then stop working.

Make sure the computer is dialing before going into your internet program like netscape or Internet Explorer. See our instructions on proper setup.

7.. If you are having trouble getting mail, such as server not found, you may not be online. Or if you have been inactive too long you may have been put offline. Usually reconnecting clears up that problem.


Keep your information sheet we sent you where you can find it again. If you forget your password you can look it up.

Print out these instructions and keep them near your computer for reference if you are having problems

Print out our other instructions on setup so you can refer back to them if you need to resetup again.

Other problem solving tips and setup tips are at: