Windows ME Connection Instructions

What You Need to Get Started:

A PPP account from GCIS, as well as the following information that is on the letter:

Once you have this information, you're ready to proceed

Set up the Connection Icon

Open up My Computer from the desktop and double-click the Control Panels icon and then double-click the Dial-Up Networking icon. Double-click the Make New Connection icon. This will walk you through the Make New Connection wizard. The first dialog box looks like this:

Type in "GCIS", or whatever you want to call the icon you're about to create to connect you to Grand County Internet Services (the title won't affect the type of connection).Your modem (which should have been configured when you installed Windows ME) should be shown in the Select a modem: area.

Click the Next > button in the Make New Connection wizard. Enter in the phone number of your access provider. You don't need to put in an area code if it's a local call. However, I recommend it.


Click Nextand get

Press the Finish button and your icon will be created. Your Dial-Up Networking folder should now look something like this:


While still in Dialup Networking, select your connection icon, press the right mouse button and choose Create Shortcut. In the Popup window click on the Yes button and this will put an Shortcut icon on your desktop for dialing. Now close the dialup networking box and you will be returned to the desktop.

Setting the Dial-Up Properties

Double-click the icon you setup for our service( in this case Shortcut to GCIS). You will see the following window.

Press Properties button. You should get a dialog box named whatever name you gave your icon. It probably looks like this:

Press the networking.button. If the Type of Dial-Up Server section does not have PPP, Internet, Windows 2000..., press the down arrow to drop down the list box and choose it. Make sure that only the Enable software compression and TCP/IP are checked and no others are checked! It should look like this (note this is the default setting on most machiones and will not have to be changed:

Press the networking.button. You can put your login User name and Password in here and leave Domain blank. If you click connect automatically your machine will try to dial everytime it thinks you need to be on the internet. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED THAT YOU CHECK Connect automatically !!

Do not check the other buttons

You should configure your dial-up sessions to automatically redial when they encounter a busy signal.Select the Dialing tab, From there, you can choose the number of times you would like your dial-up sessions to attempt connection. It should like below when done.


Then hit the OK button


You're almost ready to dial!

Dialing in and Getting Connected

You should be returned to your connect to box, which looks like this:

Put your User name and password in the appropriate text areas if they are not already there. (After you connect the first time you should be able to save your password if it does not allow you to save it the first time.) If you have call waiting, need to dial other numbers to get an outside line, you may need to press the Dial properties button and get a window as follows:

To disable call waiting in Grand County enter *70, the other entries should be self explanatory. Click OK when done.

Press the Connect button and your modem should start dialing and you will see


After a few rings, your provider's host machine should answer. You will then see in rapid sequence the following:




If all went well, after 20 to 30 seconds, you may see a Connected to Dial-up PPP dialog box like this one.:If it takes longer

or if you had the dialog box on it may look like this:

Go ahead and fire up Netscape or those other Internet applications!

If any problems occur in the dialing process,it helps to know where. You may get a modem error before you even get to Box 1. If so, you need to check if you are plugged into the wall or the right jack on the modem.

If it shows Box 2. for a length of time, then it is likely that you do not have the right protocols installed. Go back to STEP 2.

If you are on Box 3.very long, then it is likely your login name or password are wrong.Check them out, and insure your password is typed in lower case letters.

If Box 4.stays up very long, then it is likely that you have Log onto network selected in the security properties.

If everything seems to be setup okay, and you are still having problems then you probably need the help of an expert so call me or your windows expert.

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