Grand County Internet Email Setup for

There are many new devices requiring an email setup and they all are different. But basically they all require the same information. In setting up your email address on any device there is only certain information you will need.

It is a POP or POP3 account

incoming server is:

outgoing server is:

your email address is, ie: (replace xyz by your email name and by your domain name)

your account user name is the same as your email address, in this case:

your account Password as assigned by us

change to outgoing port number from 25 to 587

outgoing and incoming email require password Authentication, in Windows email programs check the box: My Server Requires Authentication, in other programs check, password

Do NOT check any box such as: Log On using Secure Password Authentication

Do NOT use SSL to connect to server.

You also have a decision to make when using many devices to look at the same email account. One of them has to remove the email from our server. And it has to do it regualarly in order for the server not to fill up. If it does fill up, your incoming email will be returned to whoever sent it with the message that there is no room for their email. It is up to you to make that decision and also make sure that that device is regularly checking your email.